Rooftop Farm is Busy as Ever

Over the past month, the summer farm managers have been preparing the farm for a busy, exciting season! The bulk of the season’s planting is done, and we have new vegetables that we haven’t seen on the farm before! Of the new additions, kohlrabi may be the least well-known. A cultivar of cabbage, kohlrabi is much denser, and can be used raw or cooked. Keep an eye out for the growing plants, and if you’re a CSA member, don’t worry, we’ll throw some recipe suggestions into your share when its ready! Other new additions are artichokes and arugula! We also planted some mainstays like peppers, eggplants, cauliflower, and, of course, husk cherries! (if you’ve never tried them, be sure to check them out when they’re ripe!). Enough about planting though, soon we’ll be harvesting! On Monday, we’ll harvest for our first CSA shares, and volunteers will definitely get a taste too! We’ll harvest salad greens, rhubarb, radishes, and maybe even strawberries! And don’t forget, if you’re on campus this summer, you can get in on the action too! Keep an eye out for email and facebook posts about volunteer hours and special events at the farm!


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