Meet the Team

Hannah Moshay, President:

Hannah was grown in the sunshine of Los Angeles, California. She was harvested and transported to Waltham, Massachusetts in the fall of 2014. She has learned her most of her farming skills from Eben. Through the Brandeis Farmer’s club she has discovered a zeal for pushing produce at farmers markets, ground cherries, and carrying compost.She enjoys talking to birds and spending time in the forest. Her other interests include garlic, astrology, dogs, and parasailing.

Contact her at hmoshay(at)


Shoshi Finkel, Market Manager: Shoshi Finkel has been passionate about the Brandeis Farmers’ Cl

ub since the moment she found

out it existed. A lover of everything that grows in the ground, Shoshi enjoys hiking, gardening, and eating fresh fruits and veggies. She is the current Market Manager of the Farmers Club, helping to make all your farmers’ market dreams come true.

If you have any questions about Brandeis markets feel free to reach out to her at smfinkel(at)

Eben Holderness, Farm Manager: Eben is the farm manager of the rooftop 12189571_10206066291790139_307797949480287591_ngarden, leading farming sessions and ensuring the plot is used as effectively as possible.

Unlike many, Eben does not credit his agricultural skills to Eben. Rather, he credits the insight of a particularly talkative goat he once met and his experience gained from working at numerous farms over the years near his hometown in Vermont.

He can frequently be found at the rooftop garden showering the crops in emulsified fish and dried chicken feces. You can contact him at egh (at)

Benée Hershon, Treasurer: As the Treasurer of the Farmers’ Club, Benée thrives off of chaos, last-minute financing requests, juggling the club’s paperwork, and paying contractors. She is super excited to learn the ins and outs of financing student clubs. She started and ran the farm ather summer camp in Hampstead, NH and even took care of some ducklings! She is an Environmental Studies and Health: Science Society, and Policy major. Her spirit vegetable is asparagus!

You can contact Benée through carrier pigeon, or bhershon(at)

Lucy Wingard, On Campus Coordinator:Lucy is the On Campus Community Coordinator for the Farmers Club, aka the person who plans what fun events are happening each semester! Lucy got involved with Farmers Club her first semester at Brandeis when one of her new friends suggested it might be a fun way to meet new people. After most of the executive board went abroad, Lucy became one of the leaders of Farmers Club despite not knowing a darned thing about how to farm. Since then, Lucy has worked at four farms trying to catch up with Eben. If Lucy were a plant, she would be a beet, as “beets are the most intense of vegetables” (Tom Robbins).

Contact her at wingardl(at)

Addie Morang, Off Campus Coordinator: Addie is the off-campus community coordinater for Farmers Club! She is in the class of 2020, studying Computer Science and Linguistics. Besides helping to plan Farmers Club events, she also reaches out to different places in the local community to see where some of the food grown on the rooftop farm can be donated. She officially joined Farmers Club last semester, and is super excited to get started!

Contact her at amonahanmorang(at)

Leora Nevins, Publicity Coordinator: Leora Nevins discovered her passion for farming and nature when she moved far away from it to New York City as a child. She gets super excited about rooftop and urban farming and is so psyched that she gets to continue exploring it at


She is very familiar with creating Facebook events, and spreads the goodness of the farm by telling everyone she meets all about it!

Contact her at lnevins(at)


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