Our Story & Timeline

September 2014:IMG_1224

Our team begins its journey in Professor Laura Goldin’s “Greening the Ivory Tower,” an experiential learning course aimed to improve the sustainability of the Brandeis campus.
Initiatives to build a green roof and create a farmers market on campus are among the class’s four group projects. Other projects include planting a rain garden and  educating youth about the environment.

October-November 2014:

IMG_1220The class reads Michael Pollan’s Omnivores Dilemma and watches “Growing Cities,” inspiring the Green Roof initiative to redesign its project to include growing food. The group becomes the “Rooftop Farm” initiative and meets with administrators to solidify the Gerstenzang Roof, otherwise known as “Red Square” as the location for the Rooftop Farm.

December 2014-March 2015

After the class, the “Rooftop Farm” and “Farmers Market” initiatives combine and charter 11140266_929391647082812_8654046277790919582_nthe “Farmers Club” within Brandeis’s Student Union

The club forms a new executive board, designs the farm, meets with administrators and Green City Growers, and begins to apply for the Brandeis Sustainability Fund.

April 2015

10423695_936049806416996_1716715296298237609_nWe receive a $30,000 grant from the Brandeis Sustainability Fund to build the Rooftop Farm. We also receive approval from the structural engineering firm Simpson Gumphertz & Heger pro bono. The first Farmers’ Market is a success with 10 vendors and over 500 visitors. Farmers Club builds and plants the Rooftop Farm with the help of Green City Growers, and the rest is history….

11174851_931587723529871_1983166917989801978_n    11008554_939994482689195_4980313174897541945_n


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