In the News

Many publications including the Boston Globe, the Huffington Post, and Edible Boston have featured the rooftop farm. Take a look at a selection below.

Forward “What are Kugel and Cholent? Gefilteria Duo Teaches a New Generation” September 2, 2016

Architecture & Design “Projex Group’s Top 20 favourite green rooftops: Brandeis University Rooftop Farm, USA” August 26, 2016

Brandeis Hoot “Rooftop farm has another fruitful summer” August 19, 2016

Brandeis High School Programs Blog “Back to Basics: Farm-to-Table Food” July 25, 2016

Brandeis Office of Institutional Advancement “The Year in Review: Brandeis 2016” May 13, 2016

BrandeisNOW “Brandeis offers heavenly produce through Rooftop Farm CSA” April 13, 2016

NewTV “Innovation Showcase: Brandeis Farmers Club” October 28, 2015

serveimage1Huffington Post “Too Much Pizza: College Kids Care About Natural Eating” September 29,  2015

Edible Boston “From the Rooftops: Green City Growers is Raising Boston’s Food Profile – From the Top Down” September 8, 2015

The Justice “EDITORIAL: Commend new farmers’ markets” September 1, 2015

The Justice “Rooftop garden slated to sell produce in SCC” September 1, 2015

The Brandeis Hoot “Famers’ club and new Gerstenzang farm are ready for new school year” August 21, 2015

Boston-globe-logo-downloadThe Editorial “Jay Feinstein: Urban Farmer Rooftop Garden Initiative” August 17, 2015

Boston Globe “Barren Brandeis rooftop transformed into feast for senses” August 11, 2015

BrandeisNOW “New rooftop farm showcases Brandeis’ green thumb” July 2, 2015

Boston Magazine “A Group of Brandeis Students Started a Rooftop Farm on Campus” June 4, 2015

Boston Herald “Brandeis students seed rooftop farm” May 24, 2015

Brandeis Video Journalism Class “Rooftop Farm” May 11, 2015

Author Michael Pollan on Twitter May 10, 2015

Wicked Local Waltham “Brandeis students creating rooftop farm to promote food justice” April 30, 2015

The Brandeis Hoot “Farmer’s club inspired to open garden on top of Gerstenzang” March 31, 2015

The Justice “A rooftop garden on Gerstenzang” March 17, 2015

The Brandeis Hoot “Farmer’s club connect community with produce, important messages“. February 19, 2017

The Brandeis Hoot “Farmal enlivens rooftop garden with food, music and dancing“. October 6, 2017.



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